behind the brows:
our story

behind the brows:
our story

Mastering the Art:
Brow Daddy’'s Journey

Ruben, known professionally as Brow Daddy, is a master of PMU artistry, renowned for his Signature Ombré Powder Brow Technique and expertise in Nano, Combination, and Brow Lamination techniques. His journey began in Germany, evolving into a flourishing career in the United States where he has become a prominent figure in the beauty industry.

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driven by a passion
to inspire and educate

Brow Daddy launched comprehensive training programs, imparting his acclaimed techniques worldwide. His commitment extends to creating high-quality, innovative products for PMU artists.

Continuously honing his craft and expanding his influence, Brow Daddy sets new industry standards. He believes in the power of passion and dedication as the keys to success. His mission is to foster inclusivity, diversity, and positivity, mentoring emerging talents and collaborating with professionals in the PMU community. 


only the best
for your clients

Brow Daddy’s brand is synonymous with quality and high-end design. Our dedication lies in empowering PMU professionals with unmatched quality, reflecting our deep commitment to the art and business of permanent makeup. Our products and services are designed to offer peak performance, ensuring PMU artists have the best tools to create outstanding beauty experiences for their clients.

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